057: I am grateful for water

Today I woke up grateful for water. I didn’t really have to think about it at all. It could be because there’s so much of it falling from the sky today, but I’m not sure. It’s raining cats and dogs out there tonight as well. The wind and rain a wreaking havoc around town and BC Hydro is reporting multiple power outages according to their outage map.

I haven’t always liked water, I was terrified of it as a kid. It took me a long time to learn to swim, and I never did become a strong swimmer, but I did lose my fear. That happened when, fishing rod in hand, I fell off the side of Dad’s cabin cruiser and whacked my head on the gunwale on the way into the water, stunning myself. I found myself underwater looking up at the bottom of the boat and made my way back to the surface where I cried only, “I love my fishing rod!” Not sure why, but after that I wasn’t afraid of water any more.

What is water?

Water or H2O is “the most abundant molecule on Earth’s surface, constituting about 70% of the planet’s surface. In nature it exists in liquid, solid, and gaseous states. It is in dynamic equilibrium between the liquid and gas states at standard temperature and pressure. At room temperature, it is a nearly colorless with a hint of blue, tasteless, and odorless liquid.” [source]
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