066: I am grateful for new beginnings

As you may have noticed I took the past couple of days away from blogging. I was fairly busy as I had a few things to prepare for the start of my new gig as the blogger / social media coordinator at the DOXA — Documentary Film Festival. Yes, I am working outside of home again.

I got tired of looking at these forest green walls here in my home office. Working you own hours in your pajamas is nice and all but I really missed interacting with other human beings. Thankfully I am in a busy, social office so I will have plenty of contact with people. What a relief. The cat, although lovely, is not a very decent conversationalist.

Believe me, I have tried.

What is a new beginning?

A new beginning, in this case, is a fresh start; a reset; a happy point from which to look nowhere but forward.

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