054: I am grateful for Sundays

I am not sure what it is about Sundays in western culture, but they always seem a little lazier than any other day of the week. It seems like there are fewer people on the planet; like it’s not as loud or boisterous; as though it’s a little more comfortable.

Maybe everyone is at church or something… Not me. I am a heathen.

What is Sunday?

Sunday is “considered the first day of the week in some countries, including the United States and Japan, although today many countries such as the United Kingdom regard Sunday as the seventh day, at least in the working week and the civil week.”

Carol came into my office while I was reading this morning and asked if it was OK that we, “do nothing” today. Sunday is a perfect do nothing day. A day to charge batteries and prep for the week ahead. I have a job interview in the morning that I am very much looking forward too, so I for one, was grateful not to be frantically rushing about today.

What are Sundays for?

  • Sundays are for crossword puzzles. You know, the hard one’s like in the NY Times.
  • Sundays are for sleeping in. Ask Carol, she loves that part of Sunday a lot.
  • Sundays are for reading. It seems easier to take things in on a Sunday.
  • Sundays are for preparation. Making lunches for the week ahead, getting your clothes ready.
  • Sundays are for family – family dinners in particular. Tonight we had a really nice meal of chicken, chorizo sausage and veggies with applesauce cake for dessert. Yum.
  • Sundays are for relaxing. A nap on a Sunday is not a rare thing.
  • Sundays are for TV. When I was a kid it was Disney and the Beachcombers. Now it’s Dexter and Mad Men.

Some people feel lonely and hung over on on Sundays. Like Johnny Cash in his sad song Sunday Morning Coming Down:

I know that feeling. I have felt it many times, but not for a very long time.

Now I love the solitude and quiet of a Sunday. Nothing’s changes but the way I look at it.

Thank you Sundays!

Photo by Phil H on Flickr