The prefix de means down; off/away; undoing action.

The meaning of word frig is a temporary modification to something to make it operate in a manner not as originally designed.

Frig is also a minced oath, frig and frigging are used in place of f$#k and f$#king in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and some other English-speaking countries. For example, growing up in Nova Scotia, we would get in a lot less trouble telling someone to “Frig off!” than if we had used the other word beginning with an f.

To defrig something, in this case my life, is in essence to bring it back to its perfect, pristine state prior to being mucked about with. Through errors in thinking, judgment and action I essentially frigged with my life to the point where it was unlivable as it was. I had to change; to defrig.

Hopefully, if your life is at all frigged, what you read here might just defrig it a little bit.

“Happy happy! Joy Joy!” ~ Ren and Stimpy

Are you grateful and happy all the time?

I am trying to be, but don’t always succeed. I’m human. Maintaining gratitude is an ideal that I am working toward. Some days I’m better at it than others, but it always feels fantastic to be in that place of true gratitude.

The list is numbered does that mean it is in order of how grateful you are for each item?

No. My degrees of gratitude are not reflected by the system I’ve used to number each post. I am grateful for each and every thing I post about. That is what is important.

Come on! You can’t have an equal amount of gratitude for everything. What are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for just being alive, living a clean life, having a family and friends to love – who love me right back. Yes, there are priorities.

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You can get in touch with me by using the form on the contact page.

I noticed you don’t have thank you in my native language. Why not?

I just haven’t added it yet. I would love it if you would send thank you in your language to me via the form on the contact page.

What’s that smell?

I have no idea. It wasn’t me.